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Feb 27, 2005



It will be interesting to see if these charges have some merit or if this is another BRAIN FART by the PM.

I suspect this is another big BRAIN FART by the PM who is having a hard time accepting that he is not the "BIG CHEESE" anymore.


I've been giving your comment some thought. A lot of us Bahraini bloggers are a little nervous about where this whole enterprise is going.

I checked your ISP and as far as I can tell you are in the United States (or the connection you used to get to this site is). I hear that the theory of the PM being the instigator against the democratic reforms has more than a few subscribers, but I can neither confirm nor deny that as I don't have any solid proof.

Mahmood mentioned earlier about bloggers finding where the line is, and to be frank to finger the Prime Minister specifically is mere speculation.

Remember they have been watching Ali's activities for three years now, and whatever was said to push the local uniformed moustaches over the edge, I scarce find the need to repeat here.

Thank you for your comment though. I doubt that at this time anyone will admit to sharing your sentiments. If you have more information, and especially if it is the kind that will bridge the gap between the people of Bahrain and the government, please feel free to share it here.


thanks for coming to the rescue.
thanks for ur sentiments.
and thanks mostly for being a true Bahraini...
the more people ask me about this, the more i think: why?
what was said which could lead to such a situation.
they have held their second protest today. ali's supporters & co. say they will continue to stage daily rallies.
the number of people who turn up is small..probably the "real culprits" cannot afford to show their faces because they are scared.
jail is no joke. look at what's happening to Ahmed.
i don't think it has anything to do with discrimination: look at the six who were jailed and released and jailed and released. look at kawari.
i really am confused.
i can't think straight.
i am mumbling...

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