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Mar 02, 2005



Good work DIB!

homer simpson

Good work on the letter. I just have one precaution that might need to be addressed. Apparently this thorny issue of contacting foreign officials has been a matter of debate even within the opposition in Bahrain. The National Gathering, one of the opposition members, has voiceforously objected to any sort of foreign assistance. Last year around this time as well the opposition met with the government and they agreed not to hold demonstrations or attract international attention so close to the formula 1. This is why the opposition's actions outside of bahrain have been rather subdued.

Anyway, this was not meant as a spoiler, just something to keep into consideration!


Noted! Thanks for the tip. I hoped the tone of the letter would be clear that we're not looking for confrontation.

I just want world leaders to understand that the progress of democracy in the Middle East is something that their citizens are keenly interested in. The outcomes of this matter have repercussions all over the world. The world has a stake in the bridging of trust of between The ruling family and the people of Bahrain.

Reiterating that stake I doubt would constitute interference. I'm all for the F1 race continuing without a hitch. Believe you me, if anything happened to the F1 on my account, Mahmood would be the first to hang me from the top of the pearl roundabout.

I hope that by going through diplomatic channels, the matter can be better handled than with a screaming mob showing up on the 6 o'clock news.

Thanks again!


I posted the info on my blog too. I hope they get released very soon.


Just used your letter as a basis for my own to both the Bahraini ambassador to the US and the US ambassador to Bahrain. Thanks.

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Why not that some IT guy out there in Bahrain hubs information about people / Business and the what the complain is all about.
This will help stop crap happening here.
The user either puts the complaint (Short) and the person / Business they are compalining about...so that in the long term people can use that as in not to deal with this person...etc

I would think that Batelco Tops the statistics by now... :)

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