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Mar 12, 2005




That's funny and cute. I hope all goes well tomorrow.

I'll wear something blue in support of the Kuwaiti women. Not to mention it's my favorite color. I don't have anything orange. Sorry :-(


Nice one mate


So here's the story; I made the conscious decision to wear orange all weekend leading up to the protest. So far you have seen the orange T-shirt and shorts. All that was left was my orange windbreaker and tie. So now you know that I own enough pieces of orange clothing to apply for Dutch citizenship.

No one's asked me yet about the color scheme and it's not warm enough to wear the living room edition out. Daggumit!

Anyway, I was out in Arlington for the DC Metrobloggers Meetup (more on that later). On my way back through town, I decided hey, why not see if I can do a little bit of International Activism. So I stop by the Bahraini Embassy, actually I drive around NW for 30 minutes like an idiot because I've only been to the facility once before. After passing the diplomatic missions of Kuwait, China, Israel and then Bangladesh, I knew for sure my trail was going cold. Then right next door to the embassy of the Kingdom of Jordan, was the old crimson sawtooth fluttering gently among the treetops.

So armed with the sign I hastily drew up at the Barnes & Noble, I hung around hoping the security cameras didn't get TOO good a look at me. Ok, just to draw out the situation. These embassies are on a cul-de-sac on a hill tucked away from a major artery. Yet it is very secluded. And cordoned off, ironically by large orange barriers.
It's Saturday afternoon and there was no one around. In the time that I stood there for 5 minutes sizing up the situation, one civilian vehicle and THREE State Department Law Enforcement vehicles drove by. I decided against asking any of them to commemorate the event on film, so I took the pictures myself. You can see the results here and here.


Good idea dib. I'm photoshopping something, but I need to face to work on. I know, I know. "Use your own!"

Heh, no way! I have no idea about color scheme, but I'm using orange.


I can't figure out this trackback thing, but mine is posted.

Or Does It Explode

Amazingly simply and powerful. Linked here:


I really think this is hilarious! Very patriotic indeed!
Thanks for making me laugh this morning - again.
It is becoming more and more difficult to find anything amusing by the day!
What's happening in Bahrain is so tasteless...


Great idea John. I salute your dedication and creativity as well;-)


mkay, I'm doing this too (monkey see, monkey do)



Thanks for all the support! Thanks for making your voices heard on the matter.

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery and I am flattered!


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